Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A few good bits

Sunday I pulled all the parts off the two wings. The wings on an FX4 are in two halves. I've never seen another car built like this. Splitting the wings was supposed to reduce the cost of collision repairs. I doubt it was anything but a source of rattles. A few hours work produced a box full of rusty bits along with the 4 wing panels. The right wing went directly to the trash. I don't have much hope for the box of rust. The headlight buckets are both bent. So are the metal gaskets that goes behind them. The rest of the right head light assembly was missing. The left might as well have been. New headlamp parts are available, just expensive.

The front side marker lamps are a different story. They are in very bad condition. I may be able to save the lenses. The side markers on the Bomb are not the same as an ordinary FX4 taxi. To meet US DOT requirements, Carbodies used parts from other British cars. I recognized the rear markers from an MG Midget. I've looked and they are available at $57.00 each. I looked at lots of photos and the fronts appear to be from a Triumph. No longer available. I'll see what turns up. Norm may have a set. I can always use the side markers from an 1980's FX4. I may have to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say "New headlamp parts are available, just expensive. "

They are the same as used on 99% of all British cars from about 1960 - 1980 and many more since.
They are the "Lucas 7 inch" type.
If you see any British car in a scrap yard with 7 inch round headlamps, it's almost certain the bits will fit.

If you can find a "Hillman Imp" you are even better off, because the headlights bowls are enclosed and never get wet.
Hope that helps.

May 15, 2006 10:25 AM  
Blogger BlueBomb said...

Yes that helps. I'd guessed that all the lighting parts are from other Brittish imports. I just don't always know which ones.

I'm not sure what is in the junk yards in the Atlanta area. Finding LHD Hillman Imp lamps might be difficult. Was it ever imported?

I can get brand new LHD Lucas headlamp assemblies for a vintage Mini. They are used as conversion kits for 25 year old Minis coming to the states. The kits include the metal bucket, wiring, all hardware and new lamps.

As long as they really do fit, $119 for a pair isn't too bad. If they don't fit, I can always resell them on eBay.

May 16, 2006 10:43 AM  

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